"The Core" our POPUP fashion show duing Copenhage Fashion Week

Come behind the sceenes to our Popup show, during Copenhage Fashion Week " THE CORE"
The Show was produced by Peepers Denmark and we had the Most beautiful girls on the Catwalk.
The show was a succes, and more that 400 people was watching :)

The so wonderful, so beautiful Top model Fluvia Lacerda flew in from Brazil to walk the Catwalk. Our own wonderful Line & Josephine carmakoma models & Danish Celebreties and singers Saseline & Julie Bertelsen did all bring glitter, glam and attitude to the show.

All Photos By: LARS WAHL


  1. Love, Love, Love!! Congratulations and thank you for sharing these awesome images with us! Xo

    1. You are so much welcome ! :)
      <3 carmakoma / Heidie Lykke