Interview with Fluvia Lacerda

Follow your own rules
She is one of the most succesful curvy models in the fashion world and is Lab/27’s campaign model. Here she talks about fashion, how clothes influence her life and about loving the skin you’re in. Meet Fluvia Lacerda.

Lab/27’s campaign model, Fluvia, is not just anybody. Brazillian born Fluvia is an icon and her international succes has been compared to her fellow Brazillian collegue, Gisele Bündchen. She has taken the fashion world by storm and is working as a full time curvy model and has been feature in international fashion magazines like Glamour, Latina and Vogue. Now she’s modelling for Lab/27 that breaks with the standard measurements and gives all women the opportunity for a fit that suits her specific need, temper, attitude and size. Lab/27 is focusing on quality basic wear, luxury must-haves, sexy layering effects and is designed for each woman to experiment with her own unique look. Something that is very important to Fluvia.
We asked Fluvia a couple of questions.

What role does fashion and clothes play in your life?
»I’m simply addicted to fashion! I can’t imagine a better way to express my personality than through my wardrobe. I love curves and clothing influences on how I feel inside. If I am wearing something I love that makes me feel strong, sexy and confident, it really strengtens the way I feel,« she says.

What does it mean to you to create your own personal style?
»It means never to follow any rules and wearing pieces that represent my personality. Lab/27 gives me the opportunity to mix and create my own look,« Fluvia says.

What was your experience working with the Carmakoma team?
»We had an amazing time! I knew how much I loved the clothes already but I was very happy that working was so much fun. Carmakoma and Lab/27 has created cool pieces that are very strong and sexy, and I am very drawn to those things.«

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