Woman of the day / Rikke

Name: Rikke

Blog: Stickysweetdanish.blogspot.com

Describe your style in the picture: I feel it's a very feminine outfit, yet the chunky heels and the striped Tee add a cool touch. It's also very versatile and you could wear it on different occassions, such as on a date, to dinner and drinks with the girls or even to work. The Caracara blazer adds that extra little something.

Can you describe yourself in one word? Not really, but if I had to, it would be pensive

Whats makes you smile? My friends, my family, my sister's dog, rainbows, sunshine, compliments, sweet old people and of course fabulous clothes!

Who would you invite to your dream place? And where is your dream place? My dream place at the moment is New York- imagine shopping, partying and sightseeing in that city! And then relaxing in Central Park... pure bliss. As I don't have a special someone, I'd either have to go with Jake Gyllenhaal or my sister. The latter is probably more likely, LOL.

Thanks to Rikke ♥


  1. Yay! That's me! Thanks for having me, fabulous ladies xoxo

  2. Go Rikke! Fabulous girl! xox

    Jessica xox