Woman of the day / Jessica

Name: Jessica Downes.

Blog: www.toomanysequins.blogspot.com

Describe your style in the picture? My style is eclectic but classic. I love to team unexpected pieces with more classic ones. I love to break the fashion rules :)

Can you describe yourself in one word? Not really, But Ill give it a go. Optomistic.

What makes you smile? When I'm working on my blog and helping other girls realise that they don't have to be a certain way (shape/size/colour/height) to be beautiful. What makes me happiest is when a girl realises she can be her most beautiful when shes just being herself.

Who would you invited to your dream place? and where is your dream place? I would invite my grandmother, Prince Harry and Ryan Reynolds of course. That way my Nan would also have some arm candy. Right now my dream place is Hong Kong. Its an amazing city full of wonder. The food is amaze, and lets not even start on the shopping! But ask me this time next week and my dream place could be Paris!

Thank you Jessica :)


  1. Such a cute girl! I have that dress too =D Love her style =D

  2. She is lovely and such an inspiration! Loved the answers, too. x


  3. Great post! I'm completely envious of the unique items she has. Such an inspiration for sure!