Woman of the day / Tiffany Fuller

Name: Tiffany Fuller

Blog: ShrtHairDntCare.tumblr.com

Describe your style in the picture: I would say my style in the picture was girly with a little edge.
Top: Asos Curve, Jeans: Torrid, Shoes: Guess, Jacket: Forever21

Can you describe yourself in one word? faithful

Whats makes you smile’? :) Being with my family, especially my grandmother. She turns 80 this year and its so amazing to experience the youthfulness and joy that pours out of her. She inspire s me to be excited everyday without reason.

Who would you invite to your dream place? and where is your dream place? my dream place would be a secluded resort in Maldives and I would bring my girls...You cant go any where with out great support. ( I may have said a man if I had one,lol)

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