Woman of the day / Tanesha

Name: Tanesha Awasthi

Blog: GirlWithCurves.tumblr.com

Describe your style in the picture: I call this look "Uptown Polish, Downtown Chic." I love wardrobe staples (like boot-cut jeans), paired with silky blouses and unique accessories, like this Gucci bag worn as an over-sized clutch, and a vintage belt (as seen in the picture). Finish the look off with peep-toe heels and I'm ready for a night out in the big city.

Can you describe yourself in one word? Ambitious

Whats makes you smile’? :) Finding amazing shoes in my size (I'm 5'10" with a size 11 foot! lol) and clothes in my size, that I don't have to have tailored to fit my shape. (With a waist much smaller than my hips, dresses almost always have to be altered for a decent fit).

Who would you invite to your dream place? and where is your dream place? My dream place is Tahiti, and I'd invite my best friend (aka my hubby).

Thank u
Tanesha :)


  1. I adore Tanesha, she is fabulous! Great feature! :D