Woman of the day / Katrin

Name: Katrin

Blog: reizende-rundungen.blogspot.com

Describe your style in the picture: I think it is MY style. I also loved to be the more punkrock or grungy girl but for a long time I hesitated to wear ripped rights or denim shorts.
Can you describe yourself in one word? overwhelming

Whats makes you smile? :) My best friend, cute kittens, the reflection of myself.

Who would you invite to your dream place? And where is your dream place?
That is a really tough one & I am torn between two people: I would like to meet Beth Ditto, for a coffee and some cupcakes, maybe in her house, cause in many interviews she said that she secretly is a housewife who love to bake and cares about the house and the garden. On the other hand, I would love to go back in time and have a party with ma great grandma, going for a dance when she was in her twens. That would be super awesome and extremely exciting.

We think your style is super cool - what do you think?

Thank you Katrin / x carmakoma

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