Woman of the day / Judit

Name: Judit

Blog: http://plus-size-life.blogspot.com/

Describe your style in the picture: I love polka dotted clothes and accessories and specially to conflate them! The high waist skirts are curvy girls best friends. The style of the 60's fits me and my inspiration was the spirit of MadMen .

Can you describe yourself in one word?: happy

Whats makes you smile’? :) My friends, french bulldogs and funny childhood stories.

Who would you invite to your dream place? and where is your dream place?: Hmm...good question. My dream place is the editorial office of Vogue Italy, because I want to shake hands with the creator of Vogue Curvy and I would like to meet the plus size fashion bloggers who work there. :)


Thank you Judit :)

x carmakoma

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