PLUS LONDON // Thanks for a lovely night

Devon in a maxi dress - lovely

Amy S in yellow allover printed dress

Lauren in red who has arranged the Plus London event in London yesterday.
Check Lauren's blog here.

Anika and Valerie -champagne and fashion girls.

Cupcakes... and cupcakes.

carmakoma just returned back to Denmark, Copenhagen from London after a super cool and inspirational evening at Strand Gallery in London. More pictures coming up.

Thanks for a great night girls!

x carmakoma


  1. Marie! It was fabulous meeting you, sorry if I hung around you a lot but you're actually a fabulous person and I wanted to bask in your glory ;) Seriously though, you're amazing. I'm glad you had a good time, you looked like you were loving it.
    I am soooooooooo(oooooo) happy with the scarf and gloves in the gift bag. Those gloves are going to be my new favourite thing ever.
    Add me on Facebook if you get a chance; http://www.facebook.com/pyratus
    Hope I see you soon <3
    Devon xx

  2. I was so pleased to meet you Marie, you are such a lovely and hard warming person!
    Back in the hostle I fiscoved the great treats from carmakoma in my gift back, so amazing!

    Greeting from Germany,


  3. It was lovely to meet you. Many thanks for the gloves and scarf! :)


  4. it was really lovely to meet you!

    I'm the one in black in the photo of amy s, and the other girl is my friend and fellow blogger Theresa, just to let you know : )

  5. Nice meeting you! Unfortunately we didn't have a picture together.
    Congratulations to Carmakoma for amazing clothes.

  6. Hi girls,

    Although thanks for a super day and evening. I'm looking forward to see you all again <3

    x Marie

  7. Thank you Marie ! The pictures are so great !! It was nice to meet you, thank you for the gift, I loooove the scarf !