Happy B-day // Discover carmakoma's new website

Discover carmakoma's new website, with the latest styles for curvy women in sizes 14-24, trends, inspiration and news.

Now you have the opportunity to become one of the first to check out carmakoma's new website. Carmakoma.com is not only a website, it is a fashion portal where we bring together the latest trends in the fashion industry, we guide our customers in the sizes so they always get the best possible experience with carmakoma's clothes and give you the opportunity to buy from the latest collections and at the same time give you the best sale. The web shop will be updated weekly with the latest styles for curvy women in sizes 14-24 and news.

Our new fashion portal keeps you updated through inspiration pages, blogs and street style. Always keep an eye on our newsletters to take part in our exciting competitions where we distribute many great prizes.

Check out carmakoma.com

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  1. Congrats ! The new website is AWSOME :)

  2. Thanks :0)

    Have a wonderful weekend <3

    x carmakoma