What to do?!

Im sure that everyone have been in the situation of not knowing what to wear and finding shoes that goes with a specific outfit OR as it always is for me......THE MAKE-UP!
It simply has to be because theres so many cool ways and styles to go with!

Well ive tryed a few and it seems that this pin-up make up match all most everything!

Not only is i really simple to do, it is also as femme fetale as it gets!

Here my own little torturial for you :) i threw in how to do a easy pin-up hairstyle aswell :)

Again, it's all about what YOU think is the right look for you.
I love to try out new stuff everytime im getting ready to go out, and yet again www.youtube.com has been an amazing friend!
To find make up that are a bit more edge, theres loads of toturials by girls doing different make-up for different occations on youtube. Most of them use products from "MAC", but to me anything can do, as long as you have the inspiration ;)
xxxx Kecia

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