Iron fist obsession!

Its like fairytales with high heels and me!
Ever so often i am lucky to find a pair of heels i can wear longer than 30mins at a time!


Check out this Iron fist collection! Not only do they all have a unique design to every pair, they are aswell veeeeery comfortable!
I bought two pairs not long ago and i love them to bits!

This was the first pair i bought from the collection (yes i chose the most "eye"catching ones ;))
They're really easy to walk in, since they have the platou heel and from experience i can only say thats the heel to go with if you feel a bit "wobbley" ;)

Here's some cool torturials if you are a "wobbeler" like me :D




These links Gave me a few "do's and dont's" ENJOY! :D

xxxx Kecia

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